Advanced Techniques

Welcome to the advanced section of the Startup documentation. In this section, we'll explore more sophisticated techniques and features that will take your front-end development skills to the next level.

Leveraging Components

Startup empowers you to create modular and reusable components for your projects. Components are at the heart of modern web development. They allow you to break down complex user interfaces into manageable pieces.

Creating a Component

Let's begin by creating a simple component. Suppose you want to build a custom navigation bar. Here's how you can create a `Navbar` component:
class Navbar {
    constructor() {
        // Initialize your component here

    render() {
        // Render the component's HTML

export default Navbar;

Using a Component

Now, let's use the Navbar component in your project:
// app.js

import Navbar from './navbar';

const navbar = new Navbar();