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Version 2.0.0 August 8, 2023

New Features

  • Feature 1: Enhanced User Authentication
    • We've revamped our user authentication system, making it even more secure and user-friendly. Users can now reset their passwords easily via email confirmation links.
  • Feature 2: Interactive Data Visualization
    • Introducing a powerful data visualization component that allows you to create stunning charts and graphs. Customize your data representation effortlessly and engage users with insightful visuals.
  • Feature 3: Dark Mode Support
    • Joining the modern trend, "Startup" now offers a sleek and eye-friendly dark mode. Users can switch between light and dark themes for a personalized experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 1: Form Validation Issue
    • We've fixed a pesky bug that caused form validation errors not to display correctly. Users will now receive clear feedback when submitting forms.
  • Bug 2: Dropdown Menu Alignment
    • Previously, dropdown menus occasionally misaligned on smaller screens. We've resolved this issue, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience across all devices.
  • Bug 3: Authentication Redirect Loop
    • Some users experienced a redirect loop during the authentication process. This frustrating issue has been completely eradicated, and authentication flows now work flawlessly.


  • Improvement 1: Performance Boost
    • We've optimized the codebase for faster loading times and reduced resource consumption. Your "Startup" applications will now run smoother and more efficiently.
  • Improvement 2: Accessibility Enhancements
    • Our commitment to accessibility continues with improved keyboard navigation and screen reader support. "Startup" is now even more inclusive for all users.
  • Improvement 3: Documentation Updates
    • We've expanded and polished our documentation to provide clearer explanations and more detailed examples. It's now easier than ever to get started with "Startup."